Construction Regulation Shortlist

Regulation Shortlist for New Construction, Remodeling, and Landscaping Projects

Building Standards in Meadow Lake are long and detailed so that community standards are kept to a level approved by residents and MLHOA members.  This provides a shortlist of best practices. Please refer to the Building Standards for clarification.

Owners shall advise building contractors and subcontractors of these regulations and post them on site.

1. Purpose  To assure that the natural landscape of each lot is not damaged and that the living environment on neighboring properties is not compromised during any construction activities, the following construction regulations will be enforced during the construction. These regulations are a part of the construction contract document specifications for each residence or other improvements on a lot and all builders, owners, and any other persons will be bound by these regulations. Any violation by a builder or subcontractor shall be deemed to be a violation by the owner of the lot.

2. Construction Trailers, Portable Field Offices, etc.  Construction trailers are for day use only as offices and tool storage. They will be located on the construction lot

3. Debris and Trash Removal  Owners and builders shall provide adequate trash storage and debris removal on a regular basis by a vehicle covered with a tarp. Owners and builders are prohibited from dumping, burying, and burning of trash. The construction site must be kept neat at all times. Debris or mud on public streets affected by any site must be promptly removed. Damage to curb, gutter or sidewalks must be repaired at owner expense.

4. Sanitary Facilities  Each owner and builder shall be responsible for providing adequate sanitary facilities for construction workers. Portable facilities must be located only on the site itself or in areas approved by the ARB.

5. Vehicles and Parking Areas  No mechanical repairs or overnight parking on public/private roads in Meadow Lake Resort. Construction crews will not park on other lots without owner approval, open space, sidewalks. They must park out of the normal traffic flow.

6. Speed Limits  The posted speed limit in Meadow Lake is15 mph.

7. Conservation of Landscape Material  see Design and Construction Standards (Section III, para 4.6)

8. Restoration or Repair of Other Property  Owners and builders shall clean, repair and restore all public/private property which is damaged, scared, disturbed, or left untidy as required by the ARB.

9. Construction Access  Construction access is only by the approved driveway during the time a residence or other improvements are being built unless the ARB approves an alternative access point.

10. Fire Extinguishers  All construction sites shall have a l0-pound ABC fire extinguisher and provisions should be made not to block fire hydrants.

11. Pets  Construction workers are not permitted to let pets run free on the site or cause any nuisance.

12. Ownership Responsibility  All owners will be responsible for the conduct and behavior of their agents, representatives, builders, contractors, and subcontractors in the Meadow Lake Resort community.

13. Construction Hours  Site development and exterior construction activity will be limited to 8:00am7:00pm Monday through Friday and from 9:00am-5:00pm on weekends and holidays.

14. Dust and Noise Control  Contractor is responsible for controlling dust and noise from the construction site (judge from the lot line). Loud radios with sound extending beyond the project lot line will not be tolerated.

15. Construction Sign  One construction sign is required during construction and must be removed once construction is completed.

16. Access Routes to the Resort  Enter and exit routes for Tamarack Heights (Mountain Watch Phase I) is Meadow Lake Drive, or Turnberry Terrace; for all other sites use St. Andrews Drive East (including Oakmont Lane for Whisper Village).

Fines may be levied for violations of regulations.

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