Community Amenities Committee

Community Amenities Committee

The Community Amenities Committee was created to encourage and build relationships among owners and the other Meadow Lake entities. The golf course and the Inn operate separately from the ML HOA community of homeowners and we need members who can foster the relationship and grow it, as ownership of all entities continue to change.

Please let the HOA Office know if you have ideas for this committee to investigate.

If you’d like to be part of the Community Amenities Committee, download the application here!

Community Amenities Committee Charter:

Note: MLCCE HOA (Meadow Lake Country Club Estates Home Owners Association) is the same entity as MLHOA (Meadow Lake Home Owners Association) and may be referred to as MLHOA throughout this website.


The Community Amenities Committee (CAC) is created to encourage and research additional amenities for all the owners within the Meadow Lake community. This is to encourage a partnership with the adjacent HOA’s of the Meadow Lake community as well.

  1. Develop survey for owners assessing their ideas on what amenities they would like to have access to in the Meadow Lake community.
  2. Continue to research existing amenities in Meadow Lake that could be accessible to all owners.
  3. Research amenity options that would be available to all owners in the Meadow Lake community.
  4. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding amenity options.

The MLHOA Board of Directors appoints at least 5 voting members (as specified below) to the CAC Committee, the chair or co-chairs being appointed by the board from the committee’s membership:

General MLHOA Members (3 voting)

Timeshare MLHOA Members (2 voting)

The MLHOA General Manager will assemble CAC Committee as needed and will act as a non-voting recording member.

Amended by MLHOA Board of Directors, 23 March 2021
Signed copy on file at the MLHOA Office

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