Beautification Improvement and Maintenance

Beautification Improvement and Maintenance

The Beautification Improvement and Maintenance Committee, also known as BIM, was created to maintain and improve the general appearance of the Meadow Lake Community.

With over 320 acres of forest, meadow and aquatic lands, one of BIM’s goals is to help manage the spread of invasive noxious weeds. To this goal, a Weed Management Plan (summarized in the Community Standards) was developed following state legislation guidelines to strengthen, support, and coordinate weed management efforts at Meadow Lake. While it is possible to opt-out of this ongoing effort (See Rules and Policies), each year noxious and targeted weeds identified on private property are eradicated using herbicide treatments by a license/certified professional agent contracted and paid for by the Meadow Lake Homeowners Association. Look closely at the Noxious and Targeted weed flyer. If you see any of these, pull them out, cut them down, or get rid of them.

Click here to see pictures of the Noxious and Targeted Weeds in the area

To join this committee, please click here to download the Volunteer Application form 

If you see an area that you want improved, click here download the Beautification Request Form

Please let the HOA know if you have any questions.

Beautification Improvement and Maintenance



The Beautification Improvement and Maintenance Committee (BIM) is created to maintain and improve the general appearance of the Meadow Lake Community.

Note: MLCCE HOA (Meadow Lake Country Club Estates Home Owners Association) is the same entity as MLHOA (Meadow Lake Home Owners Association) and may be referred to as MLHOA throughout this website.


  1. Enforce the Community Standards approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding maintenance of the common areas and projects promoting landscape beautification.
  3. Oversee the MLHOA’s Landscape contract.


The MLHOA Board of Directors appoints 5 voting members (as specified below) to the BIM Committee, the chair or co-chairs being appointed by the board from the committee’s membership:

  • General HOA Members (5 voting)

The MLHOA General Manager will assemble the BIM Committee as needed and will act as a nonvoting recording member. The MLHOA General Manage will keep the Golf Course and the Meadow Lake Resort informed of committee meetings. If the BIM agenda items contain issues that affect the Golf Course or the Resort, these organizations will be invited to the meeting.

Amended by MLHOA Board of Directors, 13 December 2022
Signed copy (James Ablett, President) on file at the MLHOA Office

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